The Mission of The Friends of Bainbridge Green (FOBG) is to re-imagine Bainbridge Green as an active and welcoming space for all to enjoy.

We have the unique opportunity to add over 20,000 ft.² of park space in Center City, which will have positive social and economic impact to our community and to our city.

Bainbridge Green is a “civic commons”, a public space that brings together all stakeholders with the goal of creating not just a better park, but a stronger and more vibrant community.

Within a 5 block radius, Bainbridge Green includes 30,000 residents and over 100 businesses, all of whom would benefit from reimagining BG.

Bainbridge Green is the thread going through the fabric of our neighborhood, linking the commercial districts of South Street and historic Fabric Row, to the neighborhoods of Queen Village, Society Hill, Bella Vista, and Wash West.

We believe an improved Bainbridge Green will enhance the business climate on Fabric Row, South Street, and the entire surrounding area.

Businesses and neighbors are our #1 stakeholders.

Making Bainbridge Green a destination will improve foot traffic for area businesses, helping to push both South Street and Fabric Row towards retail sustainability and growth.

Goal #1: To create a friendly place for people to gather, making Bainbridge Green “a destination”

  • Create accessible green space to serve the Queen Village community, as well as visitors to the neighborhood
  • Create programming that draws in businesses and provides area residents with fun and engaging activities
  • Create a park that is sustainable

Goal #2: To spur economic development around Bainbridge Green

  • Collaborate with Fabric Row and South Street on a strategic vision to help promote and support businesses of the district
  • Achieve an enhanced business climate by installing better lighting, improved pedestrian, parking, and traffic flow
  • Develop programming to show the space’s full potential, providing positive social and economic impact to the community
  • Achieve budget neutrality via programming revenue to pay for upkeep

Project Design Priorities

  • Increased Lighting and Public Safety
  • Traffic Calming
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Family and Children Safety
  • Improved Landscaping
  • Community Space and Amenities
  • Overall Beautification, Vibrancy, Economic Driver (Placemaking)