5th Street Plaza

For five years we have been studying Bainbridge Green and trying to come up with ways to activate the space.

With the success of Brunch Fest 2016, we decided to remake the plaza at Fifth Street. We invested about $15,000 in planters, seating, removing the fence, and adding lighting.

Perry Felix did the design and installation of the planters. Tattooed Mom sponsored the art installation by Lemon Sparkle Fantasy.

We understood that just creating a beautiful place to sit and enjoy your lunch is not good enough; we needed to create dynamic programming, too.

Svaha Theater Group started us off with an adaptation to August Stringburg’s Miss Julie. The show ran for 7 nights.

Saturday was a night to remember for all those who attended. Pasion y Arte performed an hour long Flamenco set. The longer the group played, the more people started to gather around them. By the end, there were about 300 people encircling them in an intimate and passionate concert. The audience participated by clapping, stomping, shouting “Ole!” when the spirit moved them.

Plenty Cafe served cold sangria and tapas bites.
Special thanks to our friends at BridgeSet Sound for providing the audio.